Above All Else @ Windsong Contract

13134A Old Annapolis Rd.
Mt. Airy Md. 21771
Fax:  301-829-2641

This rental agreement, made this _____day of _______,20__, by and between Jim and Sue Doll, the owners of the premises, described below, hereinafter referred to as Owner and: __________________________________________________________________________________(must be at least 21 years old) address:__________________________________________________________


Phone:_____________________(H) _________________________________(W)_________________________________(C) _________________________________(FAX)

Hereinafter referred to as Resident, agree to pay : ____ $1000/week up to eight different guests, including infants and children (plus $60 MD service tax) $250/additional night (same group plus 6% Md tax), $200 cleaning fee,$40 credit card fee, $125/week each additional person (max. 10 different guests)  or Daily RATE: ____ $200/night for 2 guests and ____$20/night each additional person  (max.total of 10 different guests), plus 6% MD service tax, $200 cleaning fee and $40 credit card fee (no booking fee, unless booked through one of our advertisers); $100/dog/week cleaning fee (dogs permitted up to one week and rentals for a maximum of 2 weeks), or: $______________________________________________________________________________________________________

WITNESSETH, that Owner, in consideration of the rent to be paid and the covenants and agreements by the Resident does hereby rent the following described premises, to wit: Situated in the County of Frederick, MD at the following address:

13134A Old Annapolis Rd. Mt. Airy, MD 21771. and known as Above All Else @ Windsong, a vacation rental home, for the following dates: _______________@4pm, through 10am on _______________for ___________#of total different guests.


The Resident agrees to: deposit one night's lodging ($200) /week reserved, plus MD sales tax of 6% ($12)/week reserved, together with this rental agreement, to secure reservations . Reservations will be confirmed upon receipt of $212/week reserved, plus this rental agreement, signed and dated. Confirmation of reservations will be sent to the above address. This deposit will be held as a security and may only be refunded if cancellation of reservations are received seven (7) days prior to arrival on a non-holiday week or four (4) weeks prior to arrival on a holiday week, October 15-March 15th.   March 16th--- October 14th, 4 weeks notice is required to receive any refund.

(Holidays are considered to be New Years day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.) 

There will be a $75/week cancelled service charge for cancellations made after confirmation of reservations (Confirmed reservations are placed on the availability calendar and are no longer available to other guests).  There will be no refund unless we are able to rebook your reservation. If we are unable to rebook your reservation, we will hold $125/week reserved for a future booking made by you within 12 months. No refund for cancellations made less than 7 days or 4weeks prior to arrival as stated above. Payment of total charges is due one week prior to arrival, nonrefundable, including sales/use tax and pet cleaning fee. Payment by personal checks are accepted with a valid credit card . There is no monetary security deposit , however: Replacement or repair charges incurred as a result of misuse of the residence, fixtures or appliances will be based on cost.  There is a $25 charge for checks returned for insufficient funds or noncompliance with recycling guidelines, which are provided at the house.  The Resident agrees to pick up all dog waste and to clean all dog hair, or, to be charged $10/day in addition to the pet fee.  Returned checks for insufficient funds, damages of property or theft of property, extra guests, noncompliance with recycling, or additional dog fees will be applied to you credit card.   The Owner will notify the Resident of any charges prior to placing charges on on the credit card on file.  Charges will be applied to the Resident's credit card on file unless other arrangements are made between the Owner and the Resident.

The Resident agrees to limit guests and visitors on the property to 10 at any one time and  to pay $20 for each additional over-night guest not included in the contract.  The Resident agrees to limit parking on the property (off street) to 4 cars and agrees to not allow parking, driving or turning around on the grass by any guest or visitor.   (On street parking is available.)

Residents will register at Windsong after 4pm on the date of expected arrival and will sign out by 10am on the last day of agreed upon stay unless other arrangements have been made with the Owner.

No smoking is permitted in the house and proper receptacles (ashtrays) will be used when smoking outdoors.  There may be a charge for litter (including cigarette butts).There will be no fires burned in the fireplace and no candles will be burned.

No feline pets are permitted due to allergies of guests and landlord. 

The Resident shall keep the premises safe and sanitary; dispose of rubbish, garbage and recyclables in the appropriate containers; use and operate all electrical and plumbing fixtures properly; personally refrain and forbid any other person on the premises with his permission, from intentionally or negligently destroying, defacing, damaging, or removing any fixture, appliance, or other part of the premises; conduct himself and require other persons on the premises with his consent to conduct themselves in a manner that will not annoy, disturb, endanger, or inconvenience neighbors, nor use the premises for any immoral or unlawful purpose, nor violate any law or ordinance, (including use of illegal drugs) nor commit waste or nuisance on or about the premises; unreasonably withhold consent for the owner to enter the property to inspect, make necessary repairs, alterations, deliver parcels, supply necessary or agreed services or exhibit the premises.

The Resident assures the Owner that any person, Resident or guest of the Resident, who violates any terms of the contract, shall be immediately denied continued occupancy on the premises.

The Resident will not tamper with the security system. Any tampering causing an alarm or alert will be paid by the Resident to the security company.

The Owner agrees to: comply with applicable building, housing, health, and safety codes; make necessary repairs and do whatever is necessary to keep the premises in a fit and habitable condition; except in an emergency or if it is impracticable to do so, give the resident notice of intent to enter, and enter only at reasonable times.

The Owners liability. Owner is not liable for any damages/losses to persons/property caused by anyone not under the direct control and specific order of the owner. The Owner is not responsible for personal injury or damage or loss of residents personal property from any cause not within the Owners direct control.

The governing laws in the state of Maryland are binding and jurisdiction will be in Frederick County, MD.  If any provision is not enforceable, the remainder of the contract will be enforced.

Resident(s) _____________________________________date___________


Owner _______________________________________date___________

Payment of deposit: (Balance due one week prior to arrival)$_____________

Method of Payment:  Check  (payable to "Above All Else @ Windsong") /Cash /Credit:

Name on Card _____________________________________________

Card Billing Address (if different from Resident's):



(Circle) M/C, VISA, Discover, American Express: 

 #______________________________________________________security code  on the back: ______________

Expiration Date: ____________zip code________