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Windsong Arabians (R)*, Frederick County, Maryland

Horse Ownership, What's it all About???

If you are thinking about buying a horse, or you just acquired a horse, these clinics are for you!!  Learn options, costs, safety, basic care, services available, working on the ground,grooming, types of tack and care of equipment, how  to tack, untack, mount and dismount a horse and practice what you've learned!  This would make a great gift to the horse enthusiast(s)  in your family!!!  Groups up to 4 are welcomed to share or take turns attending sessions within a clinic.

      Call to make your reservation and
      for details on individual sessions! 
10 sessions @ $225/person or $400/group
       (up to 4) or $30/session/person
           Tuesdays: 6:30pm-8pm               

Clinic  #1  Jan.4th - March 8th (closes 12/20 or 20 registrants)       
Clinic #2    April 5th - June 7th  (closes  3/38 or 20 registrants)                
Clinic #3   June 14th - August 2nd  (closes 6/6 or 20 registrants)             
Clinic #4  Sept. 6th- Nov. 8th (closes 8/29 or 20 registrants)

Click here to view the Outline for this Clinic!

Print this page to register: 
 (We reserve the right to cancel any clinic with less than 10 registrants)
Name of registrant(s):
$30/session/person_______Clinic #______Session #__________
  (Call for session information or review outline)
$225/person(10 sessions)________
$400/group(up to 4 registrants and 10 sessions) _____

Name _________________________
address _______________________
phone #________________________
            Make check payable to Windsong Arabians :Total_____________
                         13134A Old Annapolis Rd.  Mt. Airy, Md. 21771
     ( All registrants must have a claims release signed by or for them.  You
                                     must be 21 years old to sign)
                     Pease wear appropriate foot wear (no sneakers)