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Windsong Arabians
Our Horses


I don't think either Sue Hildebrand or I expected the deer loping across the field as Sue came out of the woods on Mirzonna!!

Montana..not over at the knee..just taking a step!!!

I like this picture of Montanna taken August 15, 2001. Unfortunately he started to take a step as I clicked!!

Tahir's interest in a mare!!

Tahir seems to know when I'm trying to take a picture of him! So we brought out a mare to peak his interest!!

Hoover: "Why are we stopping?  Isn't it dinner-time?"

Too bad this picture doesn't show Hoover's blue eye... and he's NOT an Arab!!! We use him as a schooling horse and he is currently being leased to Annette Stephens.

Melia, the grey mare and Montanna, the son of Tahir and Dekota.

The grey mare is Melia by CT Reign out of Amlia and she is 100% Davenport.