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Windsong Arabians (R)*, Frederick County, Maryland



     In addition to our lighted indoor arena, we have a lighted outdoor arena 90 X 150. The indoor is sand and the outdoor is stone dust with some sand.  We also have trails... it takes  about an hour to walk the entire perimeter of the woods.  We also have a small round pen and a standard round pen. 
    There is  a shed in each field and paddock (except for the corral in front of the rental house.)
     We have lockers for your "things", (first come, first serve) and 2 tack rooms  (one in the upper barn for stall boarders and one in the lower barn for field boarders).  They are heated slightly in the winter to protect the leather.   Stall boarders may have one tack box in the aisle.  
     There is a tack up shed for  field boarders.  Stall boarders may also use the tack-up shed.  
              Come spend your Time in the Saddle with us!!


Stud service, mare care, sales, training, boarding, leasing, horseback riding lessons

We have 2 pure-bred arabian stallions standing
with live foal guarantee:
$600 pure-bred (resulting foal)
$400 part-bred (resulting foal) 

Devine Design is a 100% Davenport  bay Kayhaylan Haifi.

AS Tahir is black, Al Khamsa bred, half Davenport purebred Arabian.
     Mare care during breeding: $230(field/paddock) or $395 (stall/turn-out)/month 
                                                 $8/day (field/paddock) or $15/day (stall/turn-out).
     Mare care  for pregnant mares: $500/month or $20/day with/without foal (stall/turn-out). 
     You can bring your mare to us when she is due to foal..we'll monitor and make every
                               effort to  ensure that she foals with help.
                     (We recommend bringing her 30 days prior to foaling)


Sales: We sell young stock...usually before they are even weaned. Occasionally we get information on arabs available for sale.

       A lease is $200/month and includes all expenses except your outfit.  A lease is a great way to own a horse without having to purchase one.  Leasing gives you the opportunity to decide if owning a horse is a commitment that you really want.
Stalls are 12 X 12 without a  window,  or 10 X 12 with a window. Flooring is unique 2X4 locust boards on end every 2 " separated with crushed stone.  The entire system sits on top of a larger stone base. This system allows for drainage and minimizes need for large amounts of ammonia/bacteria laden bedding.  Bedding is saw dust.  The horses stand or lie on 4 inches of wood, one of the softest types of flooring.  Floors are level as horses can not dig past the boards.  There are no bowls in the middle from cleaning out urine spots.   No twisted ankles or thrush here. 
         All stalled horses are handled twice daily to be led into or out of their stalls.  We turn-out daily, weather permitting.  Turn-out includes grass pasture or corral with hay.  
        Field boarded horses are grained daily.  This allows us to monitor changes in behavior (off feed) and to identify any major wounds or unsoundness.    We make every attempt to monitor the health and soundness of each horse on a daily basis.  Field boarded horses are turned out to pasture when ground conditions are appropriate and grass is of sufficient length.  Otherwise, field boarded horses are confined in the corrals or sacrifice areas and given hay.
                                   Field board is $230 / month. Space is limited.  Stall board is $395/month
                                                  For information or availability, please contact us!!
     We have several horses available at this time for lease and others may become available.     Students and current leasors are given first priority to lease or change the horse that is leased.
                         Give us a call!!  301-831-5083

Stall board with indoor arena
15 stalls with attached indoor arena

     PRIVATE lessons (for new students) are $35/session on your own horse (or your leased horse) and $40/session on one of our school horses. Sue teaches basic dressage and balanced seat.   Some semi-private lessons can be arranged with a slight discount.
    (See Lessons Page of this Web Site)

MT. Airy, Maryland in Frederick County

Mark registered 1990
Windsong Arabians (TM)
Windsong Arabians (TM)

For detailed information on any of our services, please call us @ 301-831-5083 or e-mail to:

If you would like to take your horse on vacation, check out our rental house which includes a corral!! Click here.

LET US KNOW IF YOU HAVE A HORSE looking for a good home. We are looking for sound school/trail horses.