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Windsong Arabians
Farm Festival Pictures

The farm festival is just memories now! 

Brandon Hildebrand on Pom Pom
Brandon ready for the costume class
Costume Class

While demonstrations were going on outside, inside the booths were being manned by volunteers.  Booths were educational and fun!!  Some children had the time of their lives just "riding" in a saddle sitting on a bale of hay!!!  We're waiting for a picture of that!!! 

Haybales and saddles
Ride em' Cowboy!!

Carriage Demonstration
Frederick Carriage Company

And there was music!
Compliments of Banger Dan.

There was lots to do, see and learn!!

Fun for adults and kids alike!!
Stick horse competition

MTA Make My Day performance/trick horse
Mulberry Tree Arabians with "Clint"

Dressage Demonstration
Carolyn on Chris
Carolyn Del Grossa and Chris

Background:Miniature Horse Demonstration
Foreground: Free Pony rides

Mt. Airy Saddle Guys and Gals Drill Team
Grande Finale!!