Pontiac Trans Am 1977 Muscle Car for sale: $28,500!

Build Order

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The following is what I speced on the car when I ordered it and is also on the BUILD ORDER:

B84 Body Side Mld

C24 Recess Wipers

C60 Air Condition

D80 Spoiler rear

K30 Cruise control

M38 3-5p CBC Auto Trans

NK3 Form Strg whl

N33 Tilt Strg Whl

N98 Raley Wheels/with locks

V57 Dtero 8-track Tape

V58 Stero Radio

WW7 FB Hood Emblem

WW8 IP Guage/Tack

WX3 R/A Shaker HD

Y92 Lamp group

I9R Black with I9X Black Trim


FBD Trans Am SP.C

Fuel Econ. AAA-ABD

(The remaining specs can be seen on the build order)

Interior clean
 Black interior

The head liner has been replaced.  The driver's seat has been reuphostered once and is currently starting to show some cracks.... not real bad at this time, but will need to be reuphostered again.

Good condition!