Pontiac Trans Am 1977 Muscle Car for sale: $28,500!

Red Trans Am  for sale

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     This car is in good running condition. I have been the only owner of this vehicle.  I spected the car on 12/25/76 at Burdette Brothers Inc. in Clarkburg, MD, 20734.  I have all of the original paper work on the sale of the car.  I can also produce the maintenance history of the car.  The odometer mileage (85,000)  is original and verified by my records. I have the original registration papers to the state of Maryland.  I can provide the BUILD ORDER that was behind the rear seat.  This car is in top condition.  With some minor repairs, it would be in excellent condition.  See specs, problems identified, and replacement items on the following pages.

Firebird on hood with Trans Am Decal
Trans Am for sale
Red with black interior

Good condition!